Agile SCM Column

Monthly columns by Brad Appleton, Steve Berczuk, and Robert Cowham in Crossroads News on the the CM Crossroads site.
May 2009: Keep the Change in the May 2009 issue of CM Crossroads. [Local PDF]
March 2009: Beware the IDEs: The Risks of Standardizing on IDEs.
May 2008: Agile Release Management.
October 2007: Agile SCM Is Testing .
March 2006: Private Workspaces: Where Development Process Meets CM Process .
July 2005: National Treasures of Agile Development. This is a Declaration of Independence for Agile Developers (presented with a bit of humor).
February 2005: The Importance of Building Earnestly.
January 2005: The Future of Agile CM.
December 2004: The Illusion of Control.
November 2004: Tasks and Branching Patterns.
October 2004: The Agile Difference for SCM.
September 2004: Agile Build Promotion: Navigating the Ocean of Promotion Notions.
August 2004: Release Management: Making it Lean and Agile.
June 2004: Learning from Concurrent, Parallel, and Distributed Systems Design.
May 2004: Best Practices of Agile SCM.
April 2004: Patterns and Software Configuration Management.
March 2004: Continuous Staging: Scaling Continuous Integration to Multiple Component Teams
January 2004: Applying Agile SCM to Databases.
December 2003: Lessons Learned from Agile SCM.
November 2003: Codeline Merging and Locking: Continuous Updates and Two-Phased Commits.
October 2003: Agile SCM — Build Management for an Agile Team.
September 2003: Continuous Integration — Just Another Buzz Word?.
August 2003: "Agile" Change Management — From First Principles to Best Practices.
July 2003: Patterns for Agile SCM.
June 2003: Characteristics of the Agile SCM Solution.
May 2003: The Need for Agility in SCM.
April 2003: Agile Configuration Management Environments

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